A Day of Reckoning
How’m I Doin’?

A Day of Reckoning
How’m I Doin’?

2 weeks ago I set the following goals to be reached 9/6 (two days ago).
  1. Define metrics for The Three Simple Steps (Done – Installed Google Analytics)
  2. Experiment with audio and video versions of the blog (Not done)
  3. Finish up the tech stuff on this blog (This is a badly written goal. I can’t tell if I reached it or not)
  4. Create a nice landing page for www.thethreesimplesteps.com (Done!)
  5. Create a Facebook group for Three Simple Steps (Done)

The next goals were for 6 weeks from now (my birthday).

  1. Post a blog post (at least) 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  2. Build an audience of 1000 people for The Three Simple Steps (metrics to be defined later)
  3. Take on 15 clients.
  4. Publish my second Bobby Blinx novel: The Space Academy.
I wanted to take a breath and assess where I am. I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit over the past two and a half weeks but I feel all over the place. I strongly suspect that I am trying to do too much at once and I need to focus. I also think I need to Step Back and plan more granularly.
Here’s the crux of my problem. I have a few goals that will take a big effort on my part and one goal I don’t know how to reach and it’s making me nervous.

Big Effort 1: Malibu Triathlon 9/18
I’m not as ready for this Triathlon as I’d like to be. For several months I focused my workouts on weights and just did a little cardio. I haven’t been swimming much and I haven’t been biking much. I have under 2 weeks of training to go.

Bottom Line:

  • I can swim (slowly) a half mile. I did it in the pool last week and I’m going to do it again today.


  • I can bike 18 miles. My bike is awesome and the bike path is all along the coast. There are some long inclines but no crazy cut-back mountains.


  • I can jog 4 miles (and if I can’t I can walk). Last year this was the worst part. I find that 5k is one mile longer than I want it to be. This thing is an extra mile on top of that and the finish line looked a lot closer than it was. Lot’s of folks who were ahead of me and on the way back encouragingly lied as I huffed past: “Almost there!”


  • It won’t kill me…probably.


Big Effort 2: Bobby Blinx 2: The Space Academy 10/12
I announced that I would have the second book our on my birthday. That means that it has to be ready for publishing a week before that. There’s a lot to do before then.
Bottom Line: This is what I need to do.
  • Rewrite one chapter
  • Hand it to the proofreader
  • Get a cover designed
  • Recruit a launch team
  • Build anticipation
  • Put it all together in a clean copy

I can do that in a month. right?

Big Effort 3: Take on 15 Clients 10/19
I have to get moving on this. I currently have 4 clients and I LOVE working with them. I am talking to a new one tomorrow. Everyone I have talked to has been very interested.
Bottom Line: This is what I need to do.
  • I need to get the word out
  • I need to get business cards
  • I need to map out my curriculum
WFT Goal: Build an audience of 1000 people 10/19
I have no idea how to expand my audience. Currently I have had 92 unique visitors and I want to increase that to 1000 by October 19. I am not at all clear how to make that happen. I was envisioning a community of readers who would follow my story and comment on my ideas and offer input. I know I have readers and I’m really enjoying creating this blog but the audience (that’s you by the way dear reader) has been quiet and I’m not clear that my story or my point is coming across. Based on the numbers, most people come and read one or two posts. That’s totally great but it’s not what I imagined would happen. Or rather I imagined that many would visit and some would stay.
Bottom Line: This is what I need to do.
  • Figure out what to do
  • Do it
That’s simple.
It’s funny, I was in a panic about this until i started writing.
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How’m I Doin’?

  1. Such a great illustration of Step Back and Step Up. Looking at where you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you haven’t, re-prioritizing, and then figuring out what you can take responsibility for and where you can take action! Cool to see it in practice.

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