Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!


Today is my birthday!

When I was in college, my dear friend Ibi organized a birthday party for me freshman year. Later she became my girlfriend and sophmore and junior year she organized surprise parties for my birthday.

The summer before senior year we broke up. Senior year my birthday came and nobody noticed.

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I was very sad and I felt very sorry for myself.

I realized that I really valued the acknowledgment of my birthday and I also realized that no one but me was keeping track of that date. It was really my responsibility to take care of myself and if something was important to me, as an adult, I needed to communicate that.

From then on I took responsibility for the day. I used to warn people months ahead of time that my birthday was coming. One of the things I love about Facebook is that it makes it very easy for people to send a quick birthday message and it reminds people. The hundreds of little notes I get really makes my day!

It’s good to take time on your birthday to celebrate yourself and your life. It’s good to do that on the other 364 days of the year. (Actually 365 days this year because it’s a leap year.)

It’s actually good to take responsibility for each day as well the way I take responsibility for my birthday. Make each day special by letting people know that you value them.

  • Give a stranger a smile.
  • Give a friend a hug.
  • Give a loved one a kiss.
  • Send a note to someone far away and tell them that you thought of them.

I’m going to start doing those things every day this year and see how it works.

I’m also going to change up my morning routine a little bit. I’m gonna add 3-4 minutes of disco dancing every day. It’ll get the blood pumping and the smile primed and put a little pep in my step.



  • If you want a day to be special it’s up to you to make it special.
  • You can decide to make every day special.
  • You can make every day special by treating yourself and people around you well.

Three Steps to
Take Today

  1. Smile at a stranger.
  2. Hug a friend
  3. Dance!



Speaking of dancing, I wanted to mention that I have started an intergalactic movement. It’s a new non-political party called the Friday Morning Dance Party. Every friday morning at 9:35 ET (6:35 PT) everyone in the party dances to the same song.

Join us for a real live dance dance revolution!

Check out my facebook feed for details.


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