Quick Start Workbook

Quick Start Workbook

Making any kind of change, large or small, takes commitment and energy. Often a big change, like starting a business or moving to a new city, requires a concerted effort that will transform your whole life. Changes like this provide opportunities to create new habits and new ways of looking at the world.

These kinds of changes are always possible but they can be more difficult when you are solely responsible for providing all the transformation and your environment is not changing around you unless you make it change.

If you are in this kind of situation it’s good to take some time to take a step back. Maybe use the exercises in the coming sections (next week) to define your values and the direction you want your life to take as you formulate goals and commit yourself to new habits and actions.

At the same time, it’s powerful to take steps immediately and get use to reaching your goals.

That’s what this Jump Start section is about.


Starting as soon as possible (that means either immediately or tomorrow morning) you are going to:


           Commit to doing 3 things for 14 days.

           Tell somebody else about your commitment.

           Figure out a way to reward yourself when you succeed.

           Keep track of your actions for 14 days.

           Succeed and Reward yourself!

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