Your Revolutionary Party Theme

Your Revolutionary Party Theme

Today is the first non-holiday Monday of the new year so its time to get up and get going. A new year is a great symbolic time to start something new but if you’re watching this at any other time or you’re thinking about this in April or July or October let me point out that the new year is just an arbitrary point in the calendar. There’s no reason to set the beginning of the year 2 and a half weeks after the winter soltice or a week after Christmas (which was also arbitrarily placed on December 25th about 1600 years ago.) The point is that you can choose any day or any moment as the starting point.

And here’s what I want you to start. I’m not talking about resolutions, I’m talking about revolution. I want you to completely overthrow the tyrannical whatevers that are keeping you down. I want you to rise up and determine your own destiny. I want you to be free to be what you want to be!

This is what I’m up to this year. I want to completely remake my life so it’s unrecognizable. I want to be the very best version of myself I can be and let nothing stop me from doing all the great things I want to do.

So how do we do this, you and I. How do we have a personal revolution?

First, we need to step back and look at what we are overthrowing and what we are throwing in. We don’t want to cut off the kings head and replace his reign with a reign of terror. That happened after the French Revolution and I’ve seen similar things happen to friends of mine.

What we want to have is a concept to guide us. You need a purpose or a direction so that you can keep moving even when you reach a goal faster than you expected or some particular avenue of action becomes impassable. instead of just setting a goal of losing 20 pounds or of working out at the YMCA 3 times a week, create an overarching purpose of maximum fitness or inspiring well-being.

So I want you to figure out the purpose of your life this morning and write it down.

Sounds too portentous? How about the direction of your life?

Sounds too important?

What if I told you that you can change it and refine it? Still sounds intimidating?

Ok, let’s stop being so significant. We’re starting a revolution and we’re doing it together and it’s going to be fun so let’s start a revolutionary party. Every party needs a theme, right?

So what’s the theme of your revolution of 2018?

My theme is unleashing creativity and productivity. With everything I do, I am going to unleash creativity and productivity.

That’s the theme of my party!

What’s yours? Don’t worry about getting it right. Think about what you’re up to when you are most inspired. Think about how you most love to help people. Think about what gives you joy. is it providing for your family? Is it supplying support to your friends? Is it working for a certain cause?

What is the theme of your party?

Pick one. You can change it or refine it later but pick one.

Why do you need to pick one? Because you’re going to start moving and taking action the second you pick a direction and now is the time to start moving.


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