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Month: March 2018

How to Hack Reality

How to Hack Reality

Our experience of life is based on our interpretation of reality through language and culture. It’s not base on reality. in fact we can barely see reality through our interpretive filters.

This means that we can change our experience of life by changing our interpretation of reality. So if life makes you unhappy, change your interpretation.

What keeps most people from doing this is that changing your interpretation of reality REQUIRES that you admit that you’re interpretation was wrong.

And most people would rather be right than happy. Said another way, most people would choose to be unhappy rather than admit that they were wrong.

But you can recognize that other people have messed up interpretations of reality that make them unhappy, right? In fact, pretty much all Hollywood movies end with the villain realizing that he/she was wrong about their world view just before they blow up or get impaled.

Don’t wait to get blown up. Take a look at your assumptions. Look for place where you might be wrong or you might not be as right as you think you are.

This is the key to learning, growing and repairing damaged relationships.

The bad news is that it’s up to you. It doesn’t work on other people. Telling someone that their world view is wrong rarely causes them to change anything.

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Set Ready Go

Set Ready Go

I took a little break from making daily videos but I’m back. The reason I paused was that I wanted to change the way I make these. I started out doing Facebook Live and that was exciting for a while. After some time, however, I realized that most people were watching these long after I created them. I also got feedback from a few fans that made me realize that maybe live wasn’t the way to go. Maybe if I took a little time to edit these videos they could be faster, more entertaining and have more impact.

But I didn’t need to take a month off.

What really happened was that I fell into the trap of expecting this new way to be perfect. I wanted to be completely ready.

But you can’t wait to be ready. If you wait to be ready, you’ll be waiting until you’re dead.

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