It’s Official: No Objective Reality

It’s Official: No Objective Reality

The world is a very weird place . Or, perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that our perception of reality is very different from what reality really is.

I don’t mean that in a spiritual or religious sense, I mean that in a scientific sense. We evolved to live at certain scale and we developed senses that help us survive in the world we live in. Our brains evolved to process those senses and move our bodies around. Luckily (maybe) for us, those brains got smart enough to form an idea of what the world is and then those brains developed science and technology to find out what the world really is.

The idea of the world, also known as common sense, is very different from the real world. In the real world, for instance, we are not really just one organism. We have billions of independent creatures in our guts that are very important to our survival. That seemingly solid wall is actually mostly empty space because atoms are mostly nothing. Most of the universe is extremely cold except for a few spots that are extremely hot. Just right is extremely rare.

And the reality of matter at the smallest level, quantum level, is full on nuts.

The latest is experimental confirmation that reality is changed by observation (we’ve known that for decades) and so there is no objective reality. What we see is based on what we know.

Now this is probably only applicable at the tiniest level, but it sure does help explain Fox News.

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