The day went by and I didn’t make a plan to write and so it’s almost bedtime and I realized I hadn’t blogged.

I have a commitment to blog every day and I’ve been pretty consistent. It’s been good for me and, I hope, good for you, the people who read this.

So I’m sitting here with my wonderful wife and we’re watching this amazing show on Hulu called Shrill. It stars Aidy Bryant and it’s based on Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, a book by Lindy West.

Lindy West used to work at The Stranger in Seattle and had a fat acceptance/ fat shaming debate with the editor Dan Savage back in 2011 that I heard about or read about some time.

But the real point of this post is that Shrill, the TV show, is amazing and you should watch it. It deals with a bunch of stuff that is totally true and real that I’ve never seen on TV before. It’s not really funny but it has the structure of a comedy and it’s marketed as a comedy.

Anyway, I like it and Shelley likes it so you should watch it.

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