Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

I don’t think this blog really has a committed daily readership. I think I know most people who seek it out on a regular basis and people often tell me that they enjoy picking up what I’m putting down but “I’m sorry that I don’t read it every day.”

I do a few things every day (brush my teeth, kiss my wife, eat food) but I don’t read any blogs daily. So I understand.

But I imagine a group of daily readers who are out there holding me accountable to my promise of blogging every day. Those imaginary people probably noticed that I didn’t publish a blog this weekend and I didn’t publish one last weekend either.

I apologize for that. i said I would blog every day and I have not.

The thing is that weekends are their own beasts because Shelley and Yogi are off work and school and so is everyone else. There are many more opportunities to have dinner and run triathlons and go to the beach and see movies. My weekends are often very full of fun stuff.

It’s nice.

So promising to blog on the weekend days doesn’t work for me. I’m changing my promise.

Going forward from this point in time, I promise to blog at least 5 times a week, Monday through Friday.

Okay, my imaginary friends?

Paul Mullin, a good friend and brilliant writer, recently commented that he loved what I was writing because he found it very helpful (GOOOOOOAL!!!) but he was a little nervous about my blogging every day because he was afraid I was going to burn out. I understand the fear but this is an exercise in discipline and creativity. I took on the challenge that Seth Godin laid down (or rather lays down nearly every time he writes or opens his mouth, which is, of course, every day). As Godin says, blogging every day is a habit that makes you a better and more prolific author while building an audience and a community.

I’ve been blogging every weekday and most weekends since February 13 of this year so that’s six weeks so far, about 40 posts, and I’m really enjoying it. I read and listen to a bunch of stuff every day and blogging every day gives me a way and a reason to process and express my thoughts. It’s also made it much easier to write. My writing muscles are getting stronger.

So I’m not worried about burn-out.

In fact, I’m going to write two posts today because I came up with a couple thoughts over the weekend that I didn’t have time to write down.


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