Hot Take: The Meaning of Life

Hot Take: The Meaning of Life

This weekend we had some close friends visit from out of town. it’s been fantastic. Yesterday I played paintball with 14 teenagers and 1 other adult. That night we had dinner with our out of town friends and a few others.

We had the now normal conversation about our crazy political situation and eventually came to the conclusion that people are motivated by love or fear.

That’s it.

This seems like an oversimplification until you really apply it. Certainly few individuals are motivated by one or the other all the time but you can look ate nearly every human interaction and see that either love or fear is present.

It’s easier to see this with others because it’s much easier to reduce others to simple stereotypes and we don’t know about all their silent, internal justifications and explanations. We can discount those anyway because they have no effect on the world and they are mostly bull crap.

It’s a little more difficult to see where we ourselves are following a path of love or fear because we tend to believe our own bull crap because we produced it (a miracle of interspecies fecal transubstantiation).

But if you can be honest with yourself you can ferret out whether you are coming from a place of love or fear. In most cases, it’s very safe to come from a place of love. Our tendency towards fear is inherited from a time when our lives were in danger from cave bears and sabre-toothed cats. Mostly we don’t have to worry about those because our ancestors reacted with fear so much to them we killed them all.

Love has more power and happiness in it than fear. Love is more rational and fair.

Love is better than fear.

Choose love when you can.

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