It’s Not Easy Staying Green

It’s Not Easy Staying Green

We had a relatively wet and cold winter here in Los Angeles. We got about 30% more rain than average and a lot more than last year when we got hardly any.

I’m really a wimp when it comes to weather. I grew up in New Hampshire where it’s either way too cold or way to hot most of the time so I should be tough. But I’m not. Since I moved to Los Angeles twenty-something years ago (seriously? where does the time go?) I have been spoiled rotten. I can’t stand the cold and I don’t like the rain.

But we needed the rain. We needed it very badly.

And the place turned green. It’s been very lovely.

But it hasn’t rained for a few weeks and, if the weather does what it normally does, it won’t rain again until November. The verdant green hills are yellowing. Soon they’ll go back to being brown and scrubby.

So I enjoy it while it lasts.

You need to have a little rain to have a lot of green.

And you need to do a little work do reap the benefits. You need to exercise to be in shape. You need to write a little everyday to write a novel. You need to study to get good grades.

You can’t stop and expect everything to stay green. You have to keep watering the garden if you want stuff to keep growing.

And the rain isn’t that bad. Neither is the exercise or the writing or the studying.

It really beats the alternative.

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