Tragedy or Opportunity? Both?

Tragedy or Opportunity? Both?

Hi Everybody,

I’m back again with more thoughts on happiness and productivity and peace at a time when we all need it.

As most of you know, I posted a daily video for more than a year back in 2017 and 2018 and I got a lot of great feedback from a few people who saw some of them. My goal then was to get some of my thoughts on life out into the world.

About 2 years ago a curious thing happened. I was laid off from my job and almost immediately stopped posting video. I didn’t stop posting because I was depressed. In fact, I disliked that job intensely and when that company closed down, I pivoted to doing things I really loved. The reason I stopped posting is that my routine was disrupted and I developed other outlets for my creativity.

I also felt like what I was saying wasn’t needed and it wasn’t having a big impact.

I don’t think I was right about that last part but I am sure that people need it now and I know for sure that I need it.

So I’m back.

Fans of the old videos will have one big question and the answer is yes. The Friday Morning Dance Party will be BACK! 8 AM Friday. Be here with your dancing shoes ON.

Today I want to offer a new way of looking at the current situation.

I don’t want to minimize how terrible this is and that people are suffering in our country and around the world but I feel like there’s plenty of places to get information about that.

What I would like to suggest is that by changing your point of view of what is happening to you right now, you may be able to get through the coming weeks and months with less pain and more happiness.

That’s what I think I can offer more than anything is new ways of looking at things. I think I’m good at that.

Having said that, I do want to admit that most of the things I say won’t be completely original but maybe they’ll be new to you.

Okay so here’s the deal. Like I mentioned before, transitions are a time when habits, good and bad, get disrupted. I used to get up and do a video and jump on the train and go to work. When I lost my job I stopped doing that and didn’t create a new habit that would support making those videos.

I also lost track of the difference I was making in people’s lives.

So we’re all going through a huge disruption in our lives. Habits have three parts. Triggers, Actions and Rewards. The trigger might be feeling anxious, Action is eating cookies, Reward is a sugar rush. No thinking involved. Good habits work the same way. My friend Marty runs with his dog every day and has done so for years so the Trigger might be waking up or his dog whining at him, Action is running, Reward is exercise endorphins.

So my Make a video trigger was getting up to go to work. Once that was removed, the videos stopped happening. Most of us are living in a new situation where all the normal triggers are gone. We’re not going to the office. We’re not meeting friends at a bar. Thus most of our triggers are gone. We have a chance to remake our habits. This is a great opportunity to change normal behaviors that bug you and add in good habits.

Like doing a daily Facecast for me.

Another thing I want to point out is that you make a difference. I make a difference. We all make a difference to the people around us. It can be good or bad but we, you, affect people. I invite you to take responsibility for that. If you focus on bringing joy and connection to other people, you will be rewarded in kind, ten times over.

Instead of social distancing, think of it as distant socializing. Call people. Skype people. Get in touch and check-in.

Thanks for watching. See you tomorrow!

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